Queen of the Month

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog”

This month (June), our Queen is a friend of the queen herself, a dog lover, and a soon-to-be wife! Who is this catch? Mary Davis is one of the most kind-hearted, sincere people that we have ever met.

mary and dogs.jpg


Currently, Mary resides in Hendersonville, Tennessee with her soon-to-be husband and her 3 perfect dogs.

She has worked at Volunteer Veterinary Clinic for 26 years, and loves being around her passion every day…her animals and her man! (Her fiancé is a Veterinarian there)

When we asked her, she reveals that one thing people do not know about her is that she likes research and detective work. Learning about the legal aspect of things has always interested her.

Her favorite things to do are impressive. She loves gardening, meditation, Barre, video games, and cooking.

When asked what she thought of Queen C Hair Extensions, she said “I think they are far superior to any other hair extensions I have seen. They are softer and the wefts are thinner, yet stronger. They are easy to put in, easy to cover and hide the wefts, and they look and FEEL like my hair!”.

After asking her what the best compliment she has received on her AIRess clip-in Extensions is so far, she told us that “although I have not had them long, I think the best compliment I have gotten is that no one knows that it is NOT my hair!”. She added, “My favorite thing about them is that they look and feel so much like my own hair, only better!”.


She said that “the best style secret, when it comes to my Queen C Hair Extensions is that you do not have to put all of them in everyday. Depending on how much you want to wear your hair, on any given day (or how much time you have) you can put in one, three, or all of them, and it still looks great!”.

Mary has worn bonded extensions for years (literally), and she wanted to give her hair a break from them, but didn’t want to give up the luxury of thick hair. She has two auto-immune disorders and although her hair grows long, it does not grow thick. She feels as if Queen C Hair Extensions give her the hair she used to have!

We feel honored to have Mary in our Royal Family, and would love to have you in our family as well! If you would like the chance to be the next “Queen of the Month”, all you have to do to enter, is send us at least three photos of you wearing your Queen C Hair to info@queenchair.com. If you are chosen, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out so we can get to know you and your story!

Have a Royally pampered day! -Our Royal Family


What To Get The Woman Who Has Everything

We all know that woman in our life (it may even be ourselves, but we may or may not admit it) that is extremely hard to shop for because she just seems to have everything. Although she may have it all, you just can’t bring yourself to just go the easy way out and get her a gift that has no meaning and excitement behind it, you want to blow her away and give her a gift she will never forget.

Whether she is a business woman, a waitress/bartender, a tv talk show host, a lawyer, or even a full time student, there one thing everyone loves and cares about. HAIR. Are you following me? We ALL love HAIR! No matter the age or profession, looking and feeling beautiful is important to every woman.

She can be young and fun and like to dress her hair up with cute braids and headbands, a woman wanting luxurious “bombshell” type hair, or even a woman who struggles with her fine, thin hair that just wants her natural volume back that she once had, Queen C Hair has something perfect for any personality, style, and hair type.

Like the idea, but don’t know exactly what to get her? You can even buy gift certificates for her on our  website (www.QueenCHair.com) so she can pick out exactly what she wants. Either way, a gift from Queen C will be the gift of a lifetime and will be perfect in every way possible. Show her how much you love her!

We hope you have a Royally pampered Holiday Season. -Our Royal Family