Holiday Hairstyles

 The Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but can also be busy and stressful. Between family gatherings, company parties and time with friends it doesn’t leave us with much time for ourselves.

Read below for fast and easy hairstyles that will not only save you time, but also make you feel glamorous and festive.

Natural Looking Curls on the Queen C Clip & Tie Ponytail

Although it’s winter its still a great time to wear a ponytail! You can make it sleek (see below) with that red dress you have been waiting to wear, or big and curly to stand out in your “little black dress”. Click link above to see how to get a curly, yet natural-looking ponytail in no time at all. (This can easily be done with OR without the Queen C Ponytail)

How to Blend Short Hair with Queen C Extensions

Have you recently purchased hair extensions for the first time? Or is your hair short, and can’t figure out how to get your extensions “just right”? Save yourself some time and watch this tutorial on how to blend short hair with extensions! Save yourself a ton of time and trouble!

 How To Do a Halo Braid Bun

How To Do a Halo Braid Bun

This halo braided bun is perfect for your company Christmas party! It is fast, fun, easy, and super festive!

 Old Hollywood Hairstyle/ Hair Tutorial

Old Hollywood Hairstyle/ Hair Tutorial

Not only can this style be worn any time of the year, it is so easy. You don’t need any special skills, or techniques.. just a curling iron and a brush! This style can be done with or without extensions, it is definitely one of our favorites-especially for special occasions.

 Easy Braid Hack With or Without Extensions

Easy Braid Hack 

Only have about 5 minutes to be out the door? Check this out! This quick tutorial shows how to get this cute braided headband with your extensions… Don’t have extensions? Follow the same braiding/placement steps, and get the same results! It’s so simple but doesn’t look like it would be (our favorite kind of hairstyles!).

 How to Put in the Queen C Clip & Tie Ponytail

How to Put in the Queen C Clip & Tie Ponytail

Here is that sleek pony we mentioned earlier.. how cute is this?! Check out how to get this style with Queen C’s Clip & Tie Ponytail!

We want to make life easier for all of you, and that includes saving you time to spend on the most important things in life- your family and friends. During this wonderful time of year, you can look good, feel good, and have gorgeous hair even with a busy schedule!

 Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


10 Reasons to Wear the Queen C Clip & Tie Ponytail

QueenC-PonyTailExtensions-NOlinesWith it being one of our newest and best-selling collections, you may not know all of the amazing things about our Clip & Tie Ponytail Collection. Today, we want you to know more than just the obvious of why you will love Clip & Tie Ponytail as much as we do!

  1. Instant Length, Volume, and Thickness

Not only is it fun to wear, the Clip & Tie Ponytail adds amazing length, volume, and thickness to your ponytail.

2. Some of our colors are exclusive, and you can’t find them anywhere else!

Several shades in our Clip & Tie Ponytail Collection are exclusive to us only, which means the Queen hand-picked and designed these shades herself to make gorgeous colors available only at

3. They are so easy to put in!


The AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytails are only one piece, so you don’t have to worry about which piece goes where! They are so easy to put in, you won’t ever want to wear your own hair in a ponytail without it ever again!

4. Exclusive Design

No one else has anything like this! The Clip & Tie Ponytails are designed to stay in your hair without slipping or being uncomfortable. How do they stay so secure? We have designed these ponytails with a comb, two clips, and a string to tie it securely with.

5.  You can get money off of your order, and even your next order!


With our Royalty Reward system, you can get not only points off of your first purchase, but your next purchase as well! Want to know how it works? Click here to see all of the benefits of our Royalty Rewards!

6. All of our colors are multi-tonal


All of our colors are multi-tonal, meaning that even if your hair color is not the exact shade of the extensions, Queen C Hair Extensions blend well with your hair since our hair is designed with multiple tones of colors to give the most natural look possible.

7. We have blogs and tutorials for when you want to change up your style

Tired of wearing your hair the same way all the time? With the Clip & Tie Ponytail Collection, the style possibilities are endless! One problem many people are facing? Not knowing how to change their look up, and having the fear of not being able to do it. The solution: We have tons of blogs and tutorials for you to do any style you want! Have an idea of what you want, but don’t see a blog/tutorial on it? Let us know, and we will make one for you.

Follow our blog and also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

8. High Quality 

Queen C Hair Extensions offer only the highest quality 100% remy human hair. It is double drawn, so that they are thick from top to bottom, and you don’t have to worry about them not looking natural!

9. No damage to your hair

Many hair extension companies offer extensions with metal clips which can snap your hair. And with nothing in between, there is no cushioning to protect your hair from the metal, which in turn can snap your hair also. All our extension collections have silicone infused clips and a silicone bar so you don’t have to worry about damage to your natural hair.

10. We’re always here to help


Whether you have a question, concern, idea, or even help picking a color, we are always here to help:



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