Vitamin & Nutrient Hair Facts

Hair plays an important role in a woman’s personal appearance and how we feel about ourselves. We associate luscious locks with health, beauty and youth.

While there are other factors that contribute to hair growth, optimal nutrition intake is key.

The absolute best way to get these nutrients is by eating a balanced, real food-based diet that includes plenty of nutrient based foods.

9 Benefits of Vitamin B for Your Hair

Vitamin B prevents hair fall and promotes new hair growth. By including Vitamin B in your diet on a daily basis you can improve your hair and achieve lustre and shine.
If you are suffering from hair loss, include Vitamin B foods in your diet. For thick, strong and shiny hair, you have to include ample amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet. When a person lacks essential nutrients because of poor diet, the hair will become brittle, thin with no shine or lustre. In severe conditions, it can even lead to baldness.