10 Gifts Your Family and Friends Actually Want #GivingTuesday

Gifts that Give Back

You survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, now it’s time to do something that actually makes you feel good deep down!

What is #GivingTuesday?

This day is focused on bringing people together around the idea of giving back, a day to do good stuff for a charity you believe in.

We wanted to support some of the companies that not only sell great products but also give back.  You will buy that perfect gift for family and friends some where, why not purchase from a company that gives to a good cause?  It’s a way to blend giving back with gift-shopping you still need to get done.  Plus, its a double win for you:  Cross one more name off your list, and go to bed knowing you made the world a little bit better today.

So let’s get giving!

  1. Rescue Candle  – This etsy shop sells all natural soy wax candles, that comes in a 8 oz. glass mason jar and burn 40+ hours.  Choose from a variety of scents.  This shop supports animal rescue efforts and a portion of all proceeds are donated toward rescue charities.  $12.99 for most 8 oz. candles, not including shipping costs.

mango mutt

Image by:  etsy.com    –    Buy Here


2.  Jet Set by Thistle Farms – Wherever your journey takes you, this earth-friendly kit is sure to make for smooth travels and skin. Keep Thistle Farms close for your getaways in this reusable drawstring linen bag with “Love Heals” branding screen-printed in black ink. Buy one as a gift and one for yourself for your upcoming travels!

  • Available in two scents: Lavender & Citrus Wood
  • TSA Approved carry-on travel sizes
  • Set includes a 2 fl. oz. Head to Toe Body Wash, 1.5 fl. oz. Enriching Body Lotion, 3 fl. oz. Cooling Shave Gel (not as pictured), and a Lip Balm

Portion of the proceeds go to helping women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction by providing safe housing, economic independence and a strong support system. $24.50, not including shipping costs.


Image by:  Thistlefarms.org   –    Buy Here


3. Disney x Kiehl’s Scented Hand Cream Trio – Talk about nourishing. The purchase of this Disney x Kiehl’s Scented Hand Cream Trio—which includes three limited-edition hand creams in Grapefruit, Lavender and Coriander that deliver optimal hydration with moisture-packed ingredients like Vitamin E and Shea Butter.—secures 310 meals to local member food banks through Feeding America. $35.00 not including shipping costs.


Image by:  Kiehls.com   –  Buy Here


4. We Wood Timepiece – WeWOOD watches are high quality wooden watches made from a variety of reclaimed and repurposed woods including teak, nut, chocolate and more. All watches are designed with high attention to detail and an eco-conscious mind. For each watch sold WeWOOD plants a tree, an initiative in collaboration with nonprofit organizations such as American Forests and Trees for the Future. Watches range from $55.00 to $320.00.


Image by:  we-Wood.com   –  Buy Here


5. AIRess Hair Extensions by Queen C Hair –  This set of human hair extensions is made specially for those with fine and/or thin hair.  With only 5 pieces, they are fast and easy to put in and you will achieve a very natural look.  This line is a Queen C Hair Exclusive and they offer a large range of colors to choose from to match almost any hair color.  For every set of AIRess Hair Extensions sold Queen C Hair donates a portion of the proceeds to Women Survivors Alliance, a non-profit organization that supports women who have or have had cancer. $119.99 plus free shipping.

Allee AIRess Before & After

Image by:  QueenCHair.com   –   Buy Here


6.  Beanies by Love Your Melon – Love Your Melon beanies are made of cotton yarn in several different colors, featuring a patch that declares “Love Your Melon.” Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer. $30.00 not including shipping costs.


Image by:  LoveYourMelon.com  –   Shop Now


7.  Rain Boots by Roma -The ROMA Chelsea Matte Black, part of Sadie Robertson’s second line in her Live Original collection, is a lace up that is the perfect combination of style and comfort.Made from Natural Rubber, Outsole: Traditional Natural Rubber
Lining: Quick Dry Knitted Cotton Lining, Footbed: Multi-Layer Cushioned Sole, Vegan and
Eco-Friendly.  For every pair of ROMA Boots sold, a brand new pair of rain boots are donated to a child living in poverty. $68.00 not including shipping costs.


Image by: Romaboots.com  –  Shop Now


8. LUSH Charity Pot Lotion – This self-preserving body lotion does a lot of good—and not just for your skin! With a delicately floral perfume of ylang ylang and rosewood oils in a hydrating cocoa butter base, Charity Pot will leave your skin subtly perfumed and touchably soft. This rich and generous cream contains ingredients sourced from some of our Sustainable Lush Fund projects that support regenerative agriculture around the world.

With every purchase of Charity Pot, we donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights.


Image by:  Lushusa.com   –   Buy Here


9. Citrus & Peach Rose Reviving Moisturizing Soap by Soapbox – Packed with olive oil and shea butter, this bar of soap will revive your skin unlike any bar you’ve used before. The dual hydration will leave your skin feeling hydrated and silky. This bar will not only prevent you from feeling stripped of moisture, but will also leave an invigorating exotic scent on your skin. The crisp citrus notes are balanced with the clean & floral smell of peach rose to create an aroma that is soft, yet refreshing.
Net weight of this bar is 5 oz. The company’s motto is “soap = hope.” For every bar sold, it donates another to someone in need. Its soaps go to orphanages, nursing homes and schools around the world, so no matter what their circumstances, underserved people can have the dignity of being clean. $4.49 not including shipping.


Image by:  Soapboxsoaps.com   –   Shop Now


10. AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytail Hair Extension by Queen C Hair – This human hair ponytail extension is for people with fine to medium textured hair and has an exclusive design of a comb, two clips and a ribbon, all which adds extra hold security.  Swing that pony!   A wide range of color selection to make your natural hair. For every AIRess Ponytail Extension sold Queen C Hair donates a portion of the proceeds to Women Survivors Alliance, a non-profit organization that supports women who have or have had cancer. $54.99 plus free shipping through December 31, 2017.


Image by:  QueenCHair.com   –   Shop Now

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10 Reasons to Wear the AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytail


With it being one of our newest and best-selling collections, you may not know all of the amazing things about our AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytail Collection. Today, we want you to know more than just the obvious of why you will love the AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytail as much as we do!

  1. Instant Length, Volume, and Thickness

Not only is it fun to wear, the AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytail adds amazing length, volume, and thickness to your ponytail.

2. Some of our colors are exclusive, and you can’t find them anywhere else!

Several shades in our AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytail Collection are exclusive to us only, which means the Queen hand-picked and designed these shades herself to make gorgeous colors available only at http://www.QueenCHair.com

3. They are so easy to put in!



Our AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytails are only one piece, so you don’t have to worry about which piece goes where! They are so easy to put in, you won’t ever want to wear your own hair in a ponytail without it ever again!

4. Exclusive Design

No one else has anything like this! Our AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytails are designed for anyone with fine/thin hair that wants added volume and length to your ponytail. They are 16 inches 50 grams. They are designed to stay in your hair without slipping or being uncomfortable. How do they stay so secure? We have designed these ponytails with a comb, two clips, and a string to tie it securely with.

5.  You can get money off of your first order, and even your next order!


With our Royalty Reward system, you can get not only points off of your first purchase, but your next purchase as well! Want to know how it works? Click here to see all of the benefits of our Royalty Rewards!

6. All of our colors are multi-tonal

Ash Brown 4

All of our colors are multi-tonal, meaning that even if your hair color is not the exact shade of the extensions, Queen C Hair Extensions blend well with your hair since our hair is designed with multiple tones of colors to give the most natural look possible.

7. We have blogs and tutorials for when you want to change up your style

Tired of wearing your hair the same way all the time? With the AIRess Clip & Tie Ponytail Collection, the style possibilities are endless! One problem many people are facing? Not knowing how to change their look up, and having the fear of not being able to do it. The solution: We have tons of blogs and tutorials for you to do any style you want! Have an idea of what you want, but don’t see a blog/tutorial on it? Let us know, and we will make one for you.

Follow our blog and also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

8. High Quality 

Queen C Hair Extensions offer only the highest quality 100% remy human hair. It is double drawn, so that they are thick from top to bottom, and you don’t have to worry about them not looking natural!

9. No damage to your hair

Many hair extension companies offer extensions with metal clips which can snap your hair. And with nothing in between, there is no cushioning to protect your hair from the metal, which in turn can snap your hair also. All our extension collections have silicone infused clips and a silicone bar so you don’t have to worry about damage to your natural hair.

10. We’re always here to help

Whether you have a question, concern, idea, or even help picking a color, we are always here to help:

email: info@queenchair.com

chat: http://www.QueenCHair.com

Phone: (615)674-1847


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Hair For A Cause

Hair For a Cause – Queen C Hair and Women Survivors Alliance

Cancer is recognized worldwide to be a major health problem affecting millions of people each year. More than 1 million people in the United States alone get cancer each year, and as of 2009, a total of 562,340 deaths from cancer were projected to occur in the United States yearly.

We all know someone that is suffering or that has suffered with the horrible disease of cancer, and wish we could do something to help. The time is now for us at Queen C Hair. We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Women Survivors Alliance.

Every time a product is purchased from the AIRess Collection, Queen C Hair will give a percentage to the Women Survivors Alliance.  

Women Survivors Alliance is a non-profit organization that helps women that have suffered from cancer, because cancer doesn’t end when treatment does.

WSA’s vision is to transform survivorship from a mood into a movement by empowering, educating, and connecting women whose lives have been touched by cancer. The Women Survivors Alliance has undertaken a national call to action to address the burdens of survivorship issues on women, their families, and by extension, society as a whole.

This July in Nashville, TN the WSA will be hosting SURVIVORville.  This event is where women can learn to navigate the muddy waters of survivorship. It’s where they acquire the tools to help them re-build their lives after a cancer diagnosis. To know more about this event, click here.

To learn more about the Women Survivors Alliance, please click here.

Thank you for your support of Queen C Hair and Women Survivors Alliance.  We are looking forward to this adventure together to support women past their diagnosis.  

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10 Reasons to Wear AIRess Extensions

There are no other hair extensions like it anywhere else, so we can see why you could be unsure as to why our AIRess Collection is so great. We are here to give you all the amazing reasons we love (and know you will love) this exclusive hair extension collection!

1. It is made especially for thin/fine textured hair


Kellye Bomb Blonde – Shop Here

With only 70 grams in weight, the AIRess Extensions have plenty of hair on each weft to add volume and length. With a traditional set of clip-in hair extensions, the weight and thickness may just be too much for people with fine hair to handle. Some extensions can weigh more than the hair that is even on your head, therefore making it very obvious that it is not your natural hair. The weft on each piece in this collection is virtually invisible. It is airy and lightweight so that it is never bulky and you do not ever have to worry about a weft bulging out from underneath your hair, making it even remotely visible that you don’t “naturally” have this gorgeous hair already!

2. There is nothing else like it anywhere

The AIRess Collection is exclusive to us! There is nothing out there that people with fine/thin hair can get to  give them natural-looking length and/or volume. Every other set of extensions are the big va-va-voom movie star hair, intended to give as much length and thickness possible. The founder of Queen C designed a set that is perfect for anyone wanting natural looking hair, whether that may be because that person wasn’t born with great hair, or even for the person who went through chemo and their hair never grew back the same again. She covered every scenario possible, and created this line in hopes that we have hair extensions to suit everyone’s needs and desires.

3. They take less time to put in

Since each AIRess set only comes with 5 pieces (most sets including our Crown Jewels and Balayage Collections come with 10 pieces), they take literally half the time it would normally take to put them in! Who doesn’t love cutting their get-ready time in half?!

4. They are great for a pop of color


Purple – Shop Here

Want a bold color, but wouldn’t dare putting your hair through the damage? Our AIRess Collection offers fun colors so you don’t have to put your hair through any damage at all! You can wear one piece at a time, or the whole set depending on how much color you want to show through that day!

*Our bold colors are: Purple, Teal, Silver, Peach, Denim, Coral, and Hot Pink

5.You can change up your style


Kellye Bomb Blonde – Shop Here

The more hair you have, the more you can do with it! The AIRess Collection is perfect for styling your hair in as many ways you want! The possibilities are endless, all while still having the perfect amount of hair to do it with- not too much, not too little!

6.You can mix and match different colors


Highlight/Lowlight (Beach Blonde/Dirty Blonde) – Shop Here

Are you between two different colors? Maybe you think you don’t lean necessarily towards just one particular shade. You can get two sets, and mix and match the colors. You can do more of one and less of the other, or even wear both full sets for a va-va-voom look if that is what you’re wanting that day! Your style is up to you, and we always want you to be able to achieve anything you want!

7.They are great for special occasions


Highlight/Lowlight (Ash Blonde/Dirty Blonde) – Shop Here

Not sure you would want to wear extensions every day, but have a special occasion coming up where you want to wear an updo, or a style that you couldn’t normally pull off with your own hair? The AIRess Collection is perfect for that! Plus, they could potentially last forever when you wear them only for special occasions!

8.They are cheaper than other collections!

Since the AIRess Extensions only have 5 pieces, you’re only paying for 5 pieces! An entire set is only $119.99!! Talk about beauty on a budget..

9. They can camouflage a bad haircut

We have all been there at some point or another. A bad haircut can send our confidence crashing down faster than our freshly cut hair hit the floor. The great news is that a set of AIRess Extensions can not onlycamouflage your haircut for the amount of time it needs to grow back out, but it is an amazing confidence booster! Warning: after getting the AIRess Extensions, you may be hooked on them, even after your hair grows back out!

10.Less Hair = Less Maintenance


Kellye Bomb Blonde – Shop Here

Once again, since this exclusive collection isn’t bulky like the traditional clip-in extensions, you do not have as much to deal with! For example, it takes less time to style them, shampoo them, less time for them to dry, ect.

There are so many advantages in our AIRess Collection, and we are proud to say we offer something for every hair type! This is just one of our many collections, and we are extremely proud to be one-of-a-kind when it comes to the design of our AIRess Clip-In Extensions!

Check out what people are saying about the AIRess Extensions!


Want to know more about these extensions? Give us a shout with any questions you may have!


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