5 FUN Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs With Family This Year

Want something fun to do on Easter, but tired of the same exact thing year after year? Still enjoy this old tradition, but with new ideas this time! Below are some of our favorite ways to decorate eggs for Easter. Whichever one(s) that you decide to try, post them and tag us in your photo! We love seeing families have fun and enjoy each other’s company!


Freckled Egg

This one is adorable, right?? All you do is take a tan or neutral colored acrylic paint, a small paint brush, and sling the paint at the unpainted egg! (Looking for something less messy? Try using a toothpick and make some “freckles” bigger/smaller)


Paper Napkin Eggs

This one is one of our favorites because it is just so easy!! To get these gorgeous looking eggs all you do is take a floral print paper napkin, cut out the flowers and shapes, and mod podge them to the egg! Yeah, that’s really it!


Temporary Tattoo Egg

If you thought it couldn’t get any easier than the previous egg, think again! With this one, all you have to do is get a temporary tattoo and follow the instructions on application, and you’re done!! The kids will love this one.


Confetti Eggs

This one is definitely right up our alley. If you can add gold, why not go for it?? Add mod podge to the area you want confettied and just dip it!


Sharpie Eggs

You only need two supplies for this one- an egg and a sharpie! Let your creativity come out in this fun way to decorate your eggs! You can also have fun with it and use a bright color sharpie or multiple colors!


We hope this post will give you great ideas for decorating your Easter eggs with family this year, and even enjoy it grown-up style. Can’t wait to see your photos!


Oh, and don’t forget the meaning of Easter. We celebrate this holiday of life and true love. Enjoy it with the people who are special to you!

Happy Easter! -Queen C


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