Queen C's Top 20 Posts of 2017

No matter what time of year it is we love sharing pictures of all of our Queens!  We appreciate every single time we are tagged in a photo.  YOU are our face, hair and personality.  Thank you for representing Queen C so amazingly and we can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for each of you.

Let’s look at our Top 20 posts by “likes” of 2017 on Instagram.  Which one was your favorite?



20.  “Hope to see you Sunday at The Spoiled Lady if you’re in the Nashville area for some beauty and fun girl time!! ・・・ REPOST
Look how long and amazing Allee Sutton Hethcoat’s hair looks! She is wearing Queen C Hair extensions 🏼 We are so excited for the trunk show with them this Sunday, March 5th / / From 12-4 come get hair extensions for prom, pageant, and even to create fun braids! ”

Crown Jewels – Kellye Bomb Blonde – 22″ – 220 grams






19.  Your growth should be important to you more than criticizing others









18.  “That feeling when you have a brand new set of extensions.. We know Sierra is feeling amazing in her new Balayage Clip-In Extensions in 18″-140g “Dark Brown/Ash Brown”!! Get yours at http://www.QueenCHair.com

Balayage – Dark Brown/Ash Blonde – 18″ – 140 grams






17.  “When you are your own glam squad.. Audrey’s 20″-180g Crown Jewels in Malibu Blonde look like they’re meant to be in her hair!


Crown Jewels – Malibu Blonde – 20″ – 180 grams







16.  What can you even say to describe how gorgeous Ana is?! What we can say, is that her “Jet Black” Crown Jewels Extensions look like perfection on her!
You look hot girl!
http://www.QueenCHair.com ・・・repost
Long hair, don’t care! Thanks @queen_c_hair for giving me my hair back! Haven’t had this length since high school and I LOVE IT!

Crown Jewels – Jet Black – 22″ – 220 grams






15.  “Want thick and gorgeous hair of your own to have when you aren’t wearing your Queen C Extensions?
Try Viviscal Professional! Viviscal Professional is a revolutionary hair-growth supplement unlike any other. Many celebrities such as Miranda Lambert, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Anniston are just a few of the many true believers of the power of Viviscal! You can get yours today at http://www.QueenCHair.com”

Viviscal Professional Hair Supplements






14.  “LeAnn is just stunning!! Her 18″-140g Balayage Clip-In Extensions in “Dark Brown/Copper Red” is a beautiful color combo, and you don’t have to go through the potential damage to your own hair to get this Balayage shade!Shop this look at http://www.QueenCHair.com”

Balayage – Dark Brown/Copper Red – 18″ – 140 grams





13.  “Want full, yet natural looking hair without adding too much weight? Who doesn’t?! Our AIRess Collection provides just that. With 16″ – 70 grams in each set, you will love the perfect amount of length and weight in your AIRess Clip-In Extensions!  Get your perfect match at http://www.QueenCHair.com”

AIRess – Kellye Bomb Blonde – 16″ – 70 grams






12.  “This gorgeous set of “Beach Blonde” Crown Jewels Clip-In Extensions makes us SO ready for the spring/summer!! Who else is ready for a warm vacation? 🖐”

Crown Jewels – Beach Blonde – 18″ – 140 grams







11.  “Shalanna looks chic as ever in her Crown Jewels Clip-In Extensions in “Ash Blonde” 🏼 Tag someone who always has amazing long blonde hair! http://www.QueenCHair.com”

Crown Jewels – Ash Blonde – 22″ 220 grams







10.  “The famous ‘kelfie’ AND “Kellye Bomb” all in one photo!What more could we ask for?! @kellyezamata is rocking her “Kellye Bomb” Crown Jewels Clip-In Extensions 🏼 To get this best-selling color, go to http://www.QueenCHair.com

Crown Jewels – Kellye Bomb Blonde – 20″ – 160 grams








9.  “Umm how about this color combo?! ‘Tracy’s AIRess Clip-In Extensions in “Denim” are to die for! Who wouldn’t want this look?! To shop this amazing style, come see us at http://www.QueenCHair.com

AIRess – Denim – 16″ – 70 grams






8.  “Just two of our Exclusive Top Selling Blonde Shades. Not sure which color is right for you? Simply email us at photos@queenchair.com, text 615.674.1847, or DM us here 2-3 pictures of your hair in natural light and we will help you choose your perfect match.”






7.  “Beauty goals Charli is total glam with her AIRess Dark Brown Extensions
Do you need help picking out a color?  Simply text 615.674.1847 or email photos@queenchair.com or DM us here 2-3 pictures of your hair in natural light and we will help you choose the perfect match.
http://www.QueenCHair.com 615.674.1847″

AIRess – Dark Brown – 16″ – 70 grams





To find out how to win, go to our Facebook GROUP Page (Queen C Hair Extensions), and all the info will be there waiting for you!! It’s that easy! Cheryl is wearing Balayage Copper Red/Dirty Blonde 18″ – 140grams Notice how healthy and beautiful her natural hair flows into the extensions. Thanks to Viviscal and Queen C Hair Extensions for this look!”

Balayage – Copper Red/Dirty Blonde – 18″ – 140 grams






5.  “Less is more? NO WAY! More is always better when you see how beautiful it looks! Ronnie is looking in her 22″ – 220g Crown Jewels Clip-in Extensions in “Jet Black”! Get this look today at http://www.QueenCHair.com”


Crown Jewels – Jet Black – 22″ – 220 grams




 4.   “Like mother • Like daughter 🏼 This Sassy girl is loving her mommy’s Balayage Clip-In Extensions in “Ash Brown/Ash Blonde”, and she is so adorable we just can’t even handle it!! http://www.QueenCHair.com”

Balayage – Ash Brown/Ash Blonde – 18″ – 140 grams








3.  “Can you honestly say you devote time for yourself? If not, try it- it will change your life. http://www.QueenCHair.com”








2.  “It’s ok to feel confident and beautiful! Blow your own mind and don’t forget to love yourself!
Wearing Queen C AIRess Chocolate Caramel Extensions.”

AIRess – Chocolate Caramel – 16″ – 70 grams





1.  “The multi-talented Renee Olstead will be releasing her new album soon! We can’t wait! Follow Renee for updates! Renee is wearing Queen C Strawberry Blonde from the AIRess Collection”

AIRess – Strawberry Blonde – 16″ – 70 grams


Thank you for being a part of our “Family” and including us in your 2017.  We are looking forward to an amazing 2018 with each of you!

Share your photos and tag @queen_c_hair on Instagram, or Facebook Queen C Hair.

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Have a Royally Pampered Day! -Our Royal Family

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*All pictures are property of Queen C Hair, Queen C, LLC and the individual in the photograph.



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