9 Benefits of Vitamin B for Your Hair

9 Benefits of Vitamin B for your hair1

The Vitamin B Connection

Vitamin B plays such an important role in achieving and maintaining healthy hair. Read the facts below and let us know your thoughts.

Vitamin B prevents hair fall and promotes new hair growth. By including Vitamin B in your diet on a daily basis you can improve your hair and achieve lustre and shine.
If you are suffering from hair loss, include Vitamin B foods in your diet. For thick, strong and shiny hair, you have to include ample amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet. When a person lacks essential nutrients because of poor diet, the hair will become brittle, thin with no shine or luster. In severe conditions, it can even lead to baldness.

Thiamine helps to improve the blood circulation of the scalp. This speeds up the hair growth process and provides oxygen to hair follicles.
Foods with Thiamine – Fish, Pork,
Sunflower seeds, Macadamia, Wheat bread, Squash, Beans

Vitamin B 12 is part of the structure of the hair, so maintaining a proper level of B12 will help to increase the overall health of the hair.
Foods with B12 – Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Fish, Liver, Red Meat


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Vitamin B 6 has shown to reduce the formation of Dihydotestosterone which is a hormone that causes baldness in men and women. By inhibiting Dihydotestosteone Vitamin B6, prevents hair loss and promotes healthy hair.
Foods with B6 – Chickpeas, Tuna, Salmon, Whole grains, Ground Beef, Chicken Breast, Potatoes, Spinach, Watermelon

The antioxidant in vitamin B helps in the secretion of sebum in the scalp. It regulates the flow of sebum in the hair follicles, keeping the scalp moisturized and preventing dandruff.



Vitamin B is also important for the production of melanin. This helps maintain the natural colour of hair and improves the health of hair. Biotin in Vitamin B prevents hair from greying and falling out.

Biotin, present in Vitamin B plays an essential role in the production of fatty acids which is needed for fast cell growth. It drastically improves hair growth rates and makes hair thicker and stronger.
Foods with Biotin – Mushrooms, Tuna, Turkey, Avocados, Sunflower Seeds, Peanut Butter, Cheese, Berries, Almonds



Vitamin B also improves the health of the scalp. When your scalp becomes healthier, it becomes slightly thicker and is less likely to be damaged. It also helps to increase the average size of the hair follicles.

Not only is Vitamin B wonderful for all the above reasons,
it holds a very important place in the enhancement of healthier and glowing skin. It not only keeps the skin tone healthy but also protects against eczema.



If you think you have a vitamin deficiency, see your doctor for evaluation and recommendations. Vitamin B12 deficiency can pose serious and life threatening risks to your health, so don’t delay in seeking treatment.

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