10 Reasons to Wear AIRess Extensions

There are no other hair extensions like it anywhere else, so we can see why you could be unsure as to why our AIRess Collection is so great. We are here to give you all the amazing reasons we love (and know you will love) this exclusive hair extension collection!

1. It is made especially for thin/fine textured hair


Kellye Bomb Blonde – Shop Here

With only 70 grams in weight, the AIRess Extensions have plenty of hair on each weft to add volume and length. With a traditional set of clip-in hair extensions, the weight and thickness may just be too much for people with fine hair to handle. Some extensions can weigh more than the hair that is even on your head, therefore making it very obvious that it is not your natural hair. The weft on each piece in this collection is virtually invisible. It is airy and lightweight so that it is never bulky and you do not ever have to worry about a weft bulging out from underneath your hair, making it even remotely visible that you don’t “naturally” have this gorgeous hair already!

2. There is nothing else like it anywhere

The AIRess Collection is exclusive to us! There is nothing out there that people with fine/thin hair can get to  give them natural-looking length and/or volume. Every other set of extensions are the big va-va-voom movie star hair, intended to give as much length and thickness possible. The founder of Queen C designed a set that is perfect for anyone wanting natural looking hair, whether that may be because that person wasn’t born with great hair, or even for the person who went through chemo and their hair never grew back the same again. She covered every scenario possible, and created this line in hopes that we have hair extensions to suit everyone’s needs and desires.

3. They take less time to put in

Since each AIRess set only comes with 5 pieces (most sets including our Crown Jewels and Balayage Collections come with 10 pieces), they take literally half the time it would normally take to put them in! Who doesn’t love cutting their get-ready time in half?!

4. They are great for a pop of color


Purple – Shop Here

Want a bold color, but wouldn’t dare putting your hair through the damage? Our AIRess Collection offers fun colors so you don’t have to put your hair through any damage at all! You can wear one piece at a time, or the whole set depending on how much color you want to show through that day!

*Our bold colors are: Purple, Teal, Silver, Peach, Denim, Coral, and Hot Pink

5.You can change up your style


Kellye Bomb Blonde – Shop Here

The more hair you have, the more you can do with it! The AIRess Collection is perfect for styling your hair in as many ways you want! The possibilities are endless, all while still having the perfect amount of hair to do it with- not too much, not too little!

6.You can mix and match different colors


Highlight/Lowlight (Beach Blonde/Dirty Blonde) – Shop Here

Are you between two different colors? Maybe you think you don’t lean necessarily towards just one particular shade. You can get two sets, and mix and match the colors. You can do more of one and less of the other, or even wear both full sets for a va-va-voom look if that is what you’re wanting that day! Your style is up to you, and we always want you to be able to achieve anything you want!

7.They are great for special occasions


Highlight/Lowlight (Ash Blonde/Dirty Blonde) – Shop Here

Not sure you would want to wear extensions every day, but have a special occasion coming up where you want to wear an updo, or a style that you couldn’t normally pull off with your own hair? The AIRess Collection is perfect for that! Plus, they could potentially last forever when you wear them only for special occasions!

8.They are cheaper than other collections!

Since the AIRess Extensions only have 5 pieces, you’re only paying for 5 pieces! An entire set is only $119.99!! Talk about beauty on a budget..

9. They can camouflage a bad haircut

We have all been there at some point or another. A bad haircut can send our confidence crashing down faster than our freshly cut hair hit the floor. The great news is that a set of AIRess Extensions can not onlycamouflage your haircut for the amount of time it needs to grow back out, but it is an amazing confidence booster! Warning: after getting the AIRess Extensions, you may be hooked on them, even after your hair grows back out!

10.Less Hair = Less Maintenance


Kellye Bomb Blonde – Shop Here

Once again, since this exclusive collection isn’t bulky like the traditional clip-in extensions, you do not have as much to deal with! For example, it takes less time to style them, shampoo them, less time for them to dry, ect.

There are so many advantages in our AIRess Collection, and we are proud to say we offer something for every hair type! This is just one of our many collections, and we are extremely proud to be one-of-a-kind when it comes to the design of our AIRess Clip-In Extensions!

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Want to know more about these extensions? Give us a shout with any questions you may have!


Have a Royally Pampered Day! – Our Royal Family

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