A Day in the Life of a Queen

“Motherhood has the greatest potential influence in human life”


As far as we are concerned, every woman is a queen. Whether you tap into your inner royalty or not is up to you. We feel as if everyone with Queen C Hair Extensions have already awakened their true self.

Amanda is one of our dear Royal Family members, a mother, and our Queen of the Month of April.

She lives in the gorgeous and growing city of Hendersonville, TN with her husband and two beautiful girls, ages 7 and 4 (who also love wearing their Mini Empress Braided Headbands).

She works as a Registered Dental Assistant at Smile Construction Orthodontics, and has been there since 2002.

Amanda found out about Queen C Hair Extensions through her longtime hairdresser. She fell in love with and decided to get the “Ash Brown/Ash Brown” clip-in extensions from our Balayage Collection.


She says she absolutely loves her Queen C Hair Extensions and says, “they are gorgeous no matter what style you wear them in; very versatile”.

According to our Queen of the Month, when she is wearing her Queen C Extensions, she is constantly getting stopped and told how beautiful her hair is, and that makers her feel beautiful inside and out”.

When we asked her what her favorite thing about her hair extensions were, Amanda says that she can choose what style she wants each time she puts them in, “and no matter what style I choose for that day, I know I’m going to have a FABULOUS hair day. I also love that they’re so comfortable you can wear them all day”.


If you love Amanda’s Balayage clip-in Extensions, you can purchase the same gorgeous set HERE!


*Do you want the chance to be our next Featured Queen Of The Month? All you have to do to enter, is send us at least three photos of you wearing your Queen C Hair to info@queenchair.com. If you are chosen, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out so we can get to know you and your story!

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