Triple Fishtail Braid Tutorial 

The wait is over… The tutorial for the amazing Triple Fishtail Braid is here in perfect timing for the holidays! If you can’t do a fishtail braid, you can certainly do this style with a regular, three-strand braid!

It is so easy, here are the steps.
1. Start with clean, unstyled hair. If you have extensions, which were used in this tutorial, put them in and brush them out. (Check out this Queen C Detangler Brush)
2. Wrap small sections around a wand or curling iron. This creates a beachy wave look. We wanted a messier look here, so we left the ends of the hair untouched
3. Start a fishtail braid on each side of the head and secure them together in the middle of the head with a clear hair band. Once met in the middle, take both sections and convert them into one braid. Secure the braid with a clear hair band.
4. On each pleat of the braid, pull out a small amount of hair to make the fishtail loose and messy. This just makes the braids go perfect with those beautiful waves.
This style is so much easier than it looks, and everyone will be asking you how to do it!

Have a style you love, but don’t know how to do it? Let us know in the comments below, and we will post a tutorial on it just for you!
We hope you have a Royally pampered day- Our Royal Family

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