Our Soft Launch

After long hours, weeks and months, we were ready for our “soft launch” on November 29, 2015 for Queen C Custom Extensions.  The website was complete, almost all the packaging was in and we were officially ready to launch.  But, before it was available to the public we wanted our girls to view everything first, up to this time we didn’t let them see the website or packaging so it would all be a surprise to them as well.

The morning of the launch we took the girls to brunch at the 1808 Grille inside the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN.  We wanted to make the room as beautiful as the girls and as amazing as the packaging.  The look on their faces when they came in the room was priceless!    We had gifts for them and  all of our products were set up so that when they walked in they would be seeing everything together for the first time.

Here are some photos from our Brunch, we hope you enjoy:


Thank you to the Hutton Hotel for providing our wonderful private room in the 1808 Grille, and to Amanda Martin for the photography, you did a wonderful job!


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